Shooting clothing

Professional outfits are individualised garments. We create them based on detailed measurements, taking into account the shooting stance of the athlete. The measurement can be taken from the customer at the company's headquarters or another agreed location (e.g. at a shooting competition), thus guaranteeing optimally fitting garments. Choice of colours possible. For orders above 6,000 PLN, the measurement of the athlete and delivery of the goods are at the expense of the company.

Professional shooting jacket is sewn from composite fabrics and natural leather (approx. 20% share). New composite technology makes it possible to create fabrics with the properties we expect. These special characteristics of our fabrics can only be achieved in an individual manufacturing process. This is necessary in order for our garments to meet the parameters of the ISSF rules and regulations.

Professional shooting trousers are sewn from the same materials as the professional jacket. Their construction and the choice of raw materials used, including leather, ensure the trousers are comfortable and fit well on the athlete. Velcro fastening, a belt can be worn.

The hybrid outfits were introduced in the first quarter of 2018. We sew these outfits with newer fabrics with a quality far superior to the materials of the previous edition of standard outfits. We suggest bespoke sewing.

Shooting gloves can be with full or cut fingers. Their advantages are due to their ergonomic profiling and the friendly choice of raw materials: leather and cotton.The elastic patch on the top and bottom of the glove gives secure support to the butt, thus ensuring stabilisation of the position of the weapon.

Choose perfect size for yourself from the table.

Shooting gloves protect the hand that operates the trigger from cold and sweat. Made of flexible materials with the addition of leather and with an indispensable protector ensures a sure grip of the flask.

Thermo-active outfits are sewn from airy knitwear with a special hydrophobic-hydrophilic finish. This fabric construction wicks sweat away to the outside of the knit giving a feeling of comfort . The outfits take into account the needs of shooting sports.

Available sizes: S, M, L, XL as in the table.

Shooting jacket meet the expectations of those practising shooting, including sport shooting not necessarily in the current ISSF rigour and where the desired mobility of the shooter cannot be clipped into a static shooting suit. Additional patches on the shoulder, elbows and left side add a professional attribute. Here it is possible to shoot 10s with black-powder weapons.

Red referee waistcoat with embroidered word "REFEREE" (front and back) and PZSS logo. Velcro fastening under the pocket allows for fastening there a name tag or a pocket for a referee ID card - options paid additionally, as in the price list. For larger orders, we can make the waistcoats in other colours - green, blue.

Available sizes: S M L XL XXL. Below - length of circumferences at chest level of ready waistcoats: S 110 cm, M 120 cm, L 130 cm, XL 144 cm, XXL 150 cm.