Travel accessories


Pockets with braces are form of clothing used for special purpose: mobile, comfortable and secure  kind of personal briefcase intended not only for documents, but also for various, useful things.


Pockets are mobilethey may be worn as a personal clothing. Pockets are comfortable, because they allow to have everything what is the most useful and important at your fingertips. Pockets are securebecause they are impossible to lose and they do not give up unwanted penetration.


Pockets with braces are useful on the road and necessary in tourism, especially in extreme tourism. Pockets are not a vest, pockets are neither a bag, breadbox or purse.


Originality of pockets with braces- protected by a patent- consists in its structure and suspension..


Pockets’ packages (one, two or more) are connected together with carrier strips. Pockets are hanged on braces (slung over shoulders) which are attached to a belt fastened at the waist.