Shooting accessories

Metal buttons available in sets of 5 pieces. Order.

The hooks for hanging the shooting belt are attached to a 25 cm strap. Order..

Clothing cases sewn from strong waterproof fabric, lightweight, accommodate one shooting outfit and gloves. Prevents accidental creasing of jackets and trousers. Protects clothing in transit. Order.

Kneeling roll of size (diameter of the cylinder) 15 cm are filled with cork granulate (0.5 kg) or PE granulate (2 kg). The rigid base of the roller ensures that once laid, the roller does not change its shape during the competition. Order.

Shooting mat is an essential piece of equipment for any shooting range. Thanks to the use of a special strong composite, we have designed a mat that is lightweight, easy to use and easy to clean. It is composed of three independent panels. The front part of the mat has an additional floor patch. Current finish: dark blue. Order.


Mat parameters:


Width 80 cm

Length 200 cm

Folded mat 80 cm x 66 cm

Weight 2 kg

LongShot shooting mat is an original proposal for demanding snipers. It allows the body to be positioned comfortably because it is spacious. The folding formula allows for quick preparation of the shooting position. On the front of the mat there is a padded apron for positioning the weapon. The shooter also has a pocket-window for notes and a special storage compartment for 20 rounds of ammunition. The mat is covered with a dirt- and water-resistant material. Order.


Mat parameters:


Width 75 + 60 cm

Total length 220 + 30 cm

Folded mat 75 cm x 40 cm

Weight 1,7 kg

LALA field mat is a necessary equipment for the ones cultivating sports shooting in open area. It is made of strong and waterproof material. Mat has a sacrificial patch under elbow and additional apron for accessories. Easy to use. Order.


Mat parameters:


Width 75 cm

Total length 215 cm

Folded mat 75 cm x 40 cm

Weight 1,3 kg

Spur case is a secure packaging for storing and transporting the spur. One foam padded pack is designed for one spur. For two spurs we offer a two-pack and for three we offer a three-pack. Internal dimensions of a single case: 22 x 26 x 6 (height) [cm]. Order.

Rear shooting rest three-chambered, sewn from natural leather, filled with special granules. The rigid base finished with a rubber protector provides excellent stability.

Cushion dimensions, 16 x 16 x 14 cm (height), weight 1.4 kg. Now, to increase the height of the backrest, we offer a rubber platemeasuring 25 x 17 x 2 cm, or a spacer cushion of any height, on a rubber base (25 x 17 x 2 cm). Order.

Open rifle case

Unfolded dimension 56 x 44 [cm]. Order.

Muff a warmer for the hand holding the gun. Order.